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Our Community

Baylake Pines is a community of 330 detached homes situated along Virginia Beach's bayfront.  The Baylake Pines area is said to have been at one time the "lair" of the notorious pirate Blackbeard.  With Ocean Park to the east and Chesapeake Beach to the west, Bayville Golf Course to the south and the peaceful Chesapeake Bay on the north and Lake Joyce at the heart, residents enjoy plentiful recreation.  Beyond Blackbeard, the area is reported to have been the site of an Indian burial ground. An archaeological dig in 2007 provided information that the Baylake Pines area was formerly known as Henrytowne--established in the year 1610 and is the third known English settlement in the New World.

Baylake Pines Civic League 

One of the oldest civic leagues in the city of Virginia Beach, Baylake Pines Civic League (BPCL) was organized on March 18, 1955 to meet the needs of the growing community.  Members of BPCL have given of their time and talents to the betterment of the community. Over the years, the civic league has addressed issues such as stocking of fish in the lake, improved mosquito control, protecting zoning rights, improving block security, beautification, construction and maintenance of entrance markers, and beach walkway maintenance.  BPCL members remain alert to situations which affect the neighborhood and volunteer for events such as the annual Oyster Roast, NATO Chili Cook0ff, Beach Picnics, Holiday Decorating contests and Firework Shows. Meetings are held quarterly on the fourth Monday of the month at Baylake United Methodist Church at 7PM. Election of Officers is held in January at the annual meeting of the Corporation. BPCL is an active member of the Virginia Beach Council of Civic Organizations (VBCCO).


BPCL needs the help and input of their members. Please consider volunteering for one of these committees this year and let an Officer or Director know how you can contribute.

Baylake Cares: (Sarah McKown and Robbie Cool)

Walkway Maintenance  (Kevin Montgomery)

Picnic (Tess Carey)

Oyster and Fireworks (John Borum)

Landscape (Cindy Dufour)

Lake (Darrell McKown)

Welcome/Sunshine (Julie Harshaw)

Local Government Affairs (Windy Crutchfield)

Advertising (Windy Crutchfield) 

Junior Civic Committee (Stephanie Hemdal and Danyle Howard)

VBCCO: (Debbie Davis and Martha Therault)

The New Gazette in Jan (Chelsea Morea)

Book Club (Susan Boland)

Run Club (Robyn Roberts)

Parents of Teens (Conni Rasmussen)

Directory (Danyle Howard)

Annual Events

Quarterly General Meetings at Our Savior Lutheran Church, the Brock Environmental Center, or Commonwealth Brewery: 

Jan 22: Our Savior Lutheran Church

Dues for year due Jan 1

Oyster Roast fundraiser at Leaping Lizard Cafe

Fireworks Show and Indep Parade July

Members Appreciation Beach Picnic July

Community Yard Sale October

Halloween Decorating Contest October

Christmas Decorating Contest December 

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