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Deed Restrictions in Baylake

  • Properties cannot be used for manufacturing, commercial, or amusement purposes of any kind. No advertising signs, except for advertising the property for sale or for rent, may be erected on residential lots.

  • No animal can be raised, bred, or kept for any commercial purposes.

  • No noxious or offensive trade or activity can be carried on upon any lots nor shall anything be done that may become an annoyance or nuisance to the owners or occupants.

  • No trailer, shack, barn, or other similar structure shall be erected, placed, or maintained on any residential lots, and no structure, tent, or other structure of a temporary character, or any garage, be used as a residence, either temporarily or permanently, except that suitable living quarter for domestic assistance may be provided in any garage building. 

  • No driveway shall be constructed or maintained in such a manner as to obstruct the normal drainage on the street. 

  • No building shall be finished with asbestos or composition siding or cement block of any kind.

  • The layout of the lots shall be adhered to with front toward the street on which lots have the smallest frontage. No part of any building shall be located within 30 feet fo the street line or within 10 feet of side line.

  • The lots shall be used only for residential purposes, except that they may also be used for church purposes. 

  • No more than one residence shall be erected upon the lots, but any two adjoining lots may be used as one building site. 

  • "The foregoing conditions shall run with the land and be binding on all purchasers of lots in said subdivision. If any purchasers...or their heirs and/or assigns shall violate or attempt to violate any of the foregoing shall be lawful for any other persons owning any other prosecute." 

As filed in Deed Book 351 Page 359-364 on March 24, 1954

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